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DESCRIPTION: Female genital mutilation in Australia: Business admits circumcision reduces penis sensitivity. Jewish scholar compares male and female circumcision, defends rights of child.

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There are convincing arguments both for and against infant male circumcision. Medical authorities supporting the practice describe it as a form of vaccination. Those against regard it as potentially risky surgery that is 'unnecessary, irreversible and harmful'. Unlike female circumcision, there appears to be no certain case for. 29 Jul That circumcision reduces the risk of HIV infection; that it's widely endorsed by the medical community; and that it doesn't cause intense pain for the baby. Some of the facts? .. Oh Lord, the circumfetish site CircInfo is making the rounds in a desperate attempt to promote male genital mutilation. Don't trust. 30 Jun It's a sign of a sick culture where infantile genital mutilation of males is so normalized a grown man is considering completely unnecessary cosmetic surgery on a body part not My urologist was one of the best in my state so make sure you do some research about the doctor if you want to be circumcised..

Medical Fetish Male Free Circumcision
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Watch Gay Adult Circumcision Doctor porn videos for free, here on Sort movies by Most Relevant and catch the best full length Gay Adult Circumcision Doctor movies now!. 23 Aug Although male circumcision has been practiced for centuries for cultural, religious and medical reasons (Auvert et al. ), new attention has been given to this procedure as a .. circumcised, or not circumcised Over there, they have a super obsessive fetish about the foreskin. But that is their issue. 30 Jun It's a sign of a sick culture where infantile genital mutilation of males is so normalized a grown man is considering completely unnecessary cosmetic surgery on a body part not My urologist was one of the best in my state so make sure you do some research about the doctor if you want to be circumcised..

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