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DESCRIPTION: Every Wednesday, Chase Christian of Encrypted Text invites you to enter the world of shadows, as we explore the secrets and mechanics of the rogue class. This week, we talk about the armor penetration and crit caps, and Armor Penetration Hard Cap they mean for rogues.

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Armor penetration

Is there any Document with Data or some sort of information for all stats (armor, pen,HP, power) for example; Attack speed when we should stop investing in CP for Speed attacks or having a certain amount of Power (like pts) will give us dimishing returns etc.:confused. I was testing about criticals.. I started as Trynd, no crit-related runes, 10% crit damage from mastery. I did not raise Bloodlust on purpose. I rushed Ghostblade and hit minions. I got non-crits. My stats told me that my AD was I had Armor Penetration of 20 (ghostblade). Melee minions had As of Patch , armor penetration has been removed from gear itemization, however it still exists in the game as a passive stat through the mastery system. Armor penetration (sometimes abbreviated ArP or called armor pen) is a value appearing on many talents and abilities that indicates the.

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  • 4 Jun I've bygone looking around and trying to ride out if ArP has a cap, and if so, what it is, but I can't have all the hallmarks to find the info I'm seeing for. If someone could tell or.
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  • Armor penetration rating will bring you to % until proc. ***How lots ArP should I get if I have Deathbringer's will?*** This trinket was changed as of 6/ 1 or 7/1 to not proc STR, CRIT and ARP but now STR, CRIT and HASTE! That was a principal buff for fury(assuming you are gearing for hard-cap arp).
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  • Note: As of Patch armor penetration rating (ArP) is no longer a stat on gear, no longer available on gems, and it is no longer probable to cap armor pen. you are close to devoted cap but arp NEVER surpassed agility and was ever after lower than it till you got closer to the mark with armor pen, trinkets procing or just.

I was testing approximately criticals I did not raise Bloodlust on purpose.

As of Patch 4. WotLK brought a lot of armor pen rating to our hunter gear. A lot of this is because the effectiveness of armor penetration rating keeps changing: Armor Penetration Rating is a good stat, and gets better the more you have of it.

MM hunters get the most use out of armor pen, and SV the least. Armor pen only boosts our physical damaging shots steady shot, aimed shot, multi-shot, kill shot. We refer to this as the armor pen cap. The armor penetration cap is not affected by target debuffs ie. To really understand armor penetration, we first have to understand how armor works, and that armor has diminishing returns.

By diminishing returns we just mean that you need more and more armor to get the same amount of damage reduction. Now, we can just plug in the values for a level 80 character and simplify the formula down to this:.

According to the formula, if a mob has 5, armor, it has a We punch in the numbers and we see that 10, armor on the mob gives him

This site makes extensive use of JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser. Post by disappearingone I've been looking around and trying to see if ArP has a cap, and if so, what it is, but I can't seem to find the info I'm looking for. If someone could tell or direct me where to go, I'd be most appreciative. I'm currently at with hearty rhino buff and need to know if I'm overdoing it. I'm an arms warrior and currently speced for poleaxes, so no mace specialization bonus.

Also, here are 2 threads on Wowhead concerning the ArP cap.

PRIME MINISTER IS HOOKUP EP 14 Bump for all the pleb Armor Penetration Hard Cap, who still Armor Penetration Hard Cap know why am yelling in rejds for sunder armor. This is obviously not what you want to do wasting a portion of a trinket's procso you must ensure you are as close to the Soft Cap as possible without exceeding it. December 19, at 4: The big difference is that armor reduction can reduce armor below 0. If you were to spec maces, it would be possible via the bonus from Mace Specializationbut there are no end-game off hand maces and few MH maces worth it. Here are the main conclusions from the guide: Dwts Faint And Upskirt 640 Armor Penetration Hard Cap Signs Hes Falling In Love But Scared Armor Penetration Hard Cap 265

If you are not interested in the calculations, there is a TL;DR at the point. This is an instructive guide nearby the deviating mechanics of the stat Armor Understanding, especially on Fury warriors.

The might focus of the Baedeker is raiding, but greater of it applies to PvP too. I'm making this conduct because there seems to be a lot of confusion nearby ArP and its mechanics. If you have any questions, remarks or improvements, feel free of charge to newsletter me at: In my opinion there are some heavy mistakes in your guide.

Word go of all your untiring - So against a direct 83 Boss-Mob this changes to based on that formula: Regardless, there is a new formula you being lower than level 60, but that doesn't affair here at all.

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As of Patch , armor penetration has been removed from gear itemization, however it still exists in the game as a passive stat through the mastery system. Armor penetration (sometimes abbreviated ArP or called armor pen) is a value appearing on many talents and abilities that indicates the. 11 Nov There's two key terms to consider when we're talking about Armor Penetration (or ArP/ArPen, in short form): the Soft Cap (SC) and the Hard Cap (HC). The Soft Cap refers to the idea that you are capable of capping your ArP (the cap is 1, currently) when you have some sort of Armor Penetration trinket. Is there any Document with Data or some sort of information for all stats (armor, pen,HP, power) for example; Attack speed when we should stop investing in CP for Speed attacks or having a certain amount of Power (like pts) will give us dimishing returns etc.:confused.

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